Working closely with a local architect and builder, Denise Hepburn designed and built Larchwood, her family home in Sunninghill in 2011.  Denise specified all fixtures and fittings, from wall and floor coverings, kitchen and appliances, bathroom designs and fittings, to the bespoke staircase, doors and ironmongery.

The property was rented out a little while ago to another interior designer, Yvette Taylor, who refers to Larchwood as both Fox Hollow and Villa Ascot in her brochure and on her own website.  Although she had no input whatsoever into the build, and was not asked to do any design in the property, Yvette Taylor has kindly described the build in detail (although some of the details about the products used are incorrect), which is a great compliment to Denise Hepburn’s work.


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